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This issue of Pictures Make Great Pets is grudgingly dedicated to the smartphone, an item I love and hate in equal measure. As such it’s a mixture of random photos and text – random things photographed and noted down on my phone over the past five years. The title ‘phony’ obviously refers to the phone as a tool, but also the inherent fakeness of things created on it. My phone is a camera, but it’s not a “real camera”. It’s a note book, but not a “real note book”. There’s no particular structure. Dialogue from films is mixed with song lyrics, dreams, lists, random thoughts, stories, conversations with friends, quotes from books, things overheard on the street, text messages, drunken ramblings, ideas and made-up words. Some things make sense; many don’t.

I have not yet decided how many of these I will print. The first run is only twenty copies.

Released: 15th May 2017
40 pages, A5
Xerox printed
Limited run of 20 copies



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