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I have a box. It’s full of treasures. Well, I say treasures. It’s mainly stickers and postcards, set lists from gigs, random scraps of paper, found photos, failed photos, gig and cinema tickets. Those kind of treasures. There are some letters I wrote to my grandfather when I was five and there are some neon-coloured feathers from a Japanese love hotel wrapped in plastic, Never “used”. Treasures.


This is the first digital copy of Pictures Make Great Pets. It was compiled over the space of a few weeks in March and April 2020, whilst pretending to work from home during the Corona virus outbreak.


All the images are from the box. Many are close-ups of minor details in vintage postcards I have collected over the years. The text has been taken from notes on my phone - snippets from conversations with friends, things overheard or misheard in the street, random lines from films, songs, books, articles. Much of it makes no sense out of context, much like the stuff in the boxx.


Released April 2020

Download PDF (74MB)

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